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Wild Plenty Flower Remedies

Third Eye Drops™

Third Eye Drops™

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My life path has been deeply devoted to listening + trusting my intuition–for myself and also supporting my clients’ intuitive development. Third Eye Drops were inspired most recently by delving into a new level of trusting myself and opening up to new forms of receiving “downloads.” 

“I thought I trusted myself before–and I realized I was only scratching the surface. Third Eye Drops take the intuition deeper than you’ve ever felt, and uncover spiritual gifts you never knew were there!”--Anna


If you feel 

  • Second-guessing intuition 
  • witch wound 
  • Blocks from spiritual gifts/psychic power 


  • Connection to spirit guides, ascended masters, and more! 
  • Intuitive strength + the “clairs” —clairvoyance, clairaudience, and Claircognizance
  • Psychic powers, extra sensory perception + spiritual gifts 
  • Clarity of intuition + discernment 
  • Messages through dreams + meditation
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