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At wild plenty flower remedies, we believe in the body’s innate healing power and in nature’s innate provision for all of life.

We intuitively combine flowers foraged in the mountains of Southern Colorado with fresh water and sunlight, preserved with organic brandy to bring you the highest quality flower essences. 

We are founded on the pillars of nature–which provides all that we need to thrive, abundance–that there is plenty for all, and holistic healing–that a multi-pronged approach, tailored to each individual, can allow us to truly thrive.

Our formulas consist of multiple essences in order to effectively address the intricate and diverse symptoms associated with emotional conditions. By targeting not only the evident symptoms but also the underlying causes, our approach aims to provide robust and enduring outcomes. This comprehensive strategy ensures powerful and long-lasting results.


Every essence is also infused with butterfly and bee medicine. If you’re interested in connecting with animal guides in a deeper way, head over to https://animalguides.co/ or https://www.instagram.com/animal.guides/

About Anna

Healing and learning to thrive has been my life’s work. Having triumphed over anxiety, depression, an eating disorder, sexual trauma, chronic pain, low self-worth, money issues, sleep issues, and more, I have dedicated my life to finding the simplest, spiritual solutions for the issues that inhibit us from living a life of peace, prosperity, and joy. 

In my work as a spiritual life coach for the last 6 years, I have seen what works best is a multi-pronged approach.

There is no silver bullet, or golden ticket. I strongly encourage combining flower remedies with meditation, hypnotherapy, embodiment, intuitive eating + movement, prayer, music, NLP, coursework, intuitive work, and of course, getting outside in nature.

One of my spiritual mentors first taught me the power of flower essences when she told me stories of going into corporations in the 70s and used her flower essences to heal workplace conflict and company culture. 


When I began using flower essence for myself and saw clients take them on, I knew that this was going to be a part of my practice. It was shortly thereafter, I began receiving intuitive messages (similar to the call of the animals that led me to create Animal Guides) from specific flowers and instructed on how to create unique blends.

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